"Iron Man" Set to Retire

March 05, 2008

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Ryan Neiman

"Iron Man" Set to Retire

After 17 years as the Green Bay Packers quarterback, the legendary and future hall of famer 3 time MVP Brett Favre is set to retire.

"I know I can still play, but it's like I told my wife, I'm just tired mentally. I'm just tired," Favre, a three-time NFL MVP, told ESPN's Chris Mortensen in a voice mail message.

"If I felt like coming back and Deanna (his wife) and I talked about this the only way for me to be successful would be to win a Super Bowl. To go to the Super Bowl and lose, would almost be worse than anything else. Anything less than a Super Bowl win would be unsuccessful," Favre said in the message.

His retirement is not really a surprise, even though his team would have likely made it to the playoffs again this season.  He felt the only way he would want to come back if he knew he had a shot of winning the Super Bowl, anything less will be called an unsuccessful season to him.

"I know it shouldn't feel unsuccessful, but the only way to come back and make that be the right decision would be to come back and win a Super Bowl. And honestly, the odds of that, they're tough. Those are big shoes for me to fill, and I guess it was a challenge I wasn't up for. "

His retirement came days after Randy Moss resigned with the New England Patriots.  Favre was campaigning for Randy Moss to come to the Packers.  Hoping the Packers would sign him, Favre felt Moss was the missing piece of the puzzle.  When the Packers were not able to get Moss, Favre probably felt his last shot at winning the Super Bowl flew away like dust in the wind.

Even though we will all remember his last pass will be an interception against the Giants in the playoffs, we should remember all the memorable moments he brought us.  Remember in 1992 against the Bengals when he came off the bench to replace injured Don Majkowski and threw the game-winning TD pass to Kitrick Taylor with 13 seconds remaining.  
 Remember in Super XXXI Favre passed for two touchdowns  including one on the second play of the game and ran for another in the Packers' first Super Bowl win in 29 years against the Patriots.  Remember just one day after the sudden death of his father,  Favre passed for 399 yards and four touchdowns on "Monday Night Football" in a blowout win.  Remember on September 30, 2007 Favre passed Dan Marino in most touchdowns with 421 in his house of horror Metrodome against the Vikings.  This can go on for days.  He has so many accomplishments and has showed so much that it would be wrong to remember him by throwing an interception in his final game.

This is a guy who leads in most touchdown passes with 442, most passing yards with 61,655, most wins at quarterback with 160, and one he would probably want to forget, is the leader in interceptions thrown with 288.  He is going to be a first ballot hall of fame. 

Brett Favre will always be remembered as one of the greatest players and fiercest competitors in NFL history," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

What Favre has been know for was his durability and as a player to take risk.  He finished his career on a streak of 253 consecutive regular-season starts  275 including playoff games.  How do you replace a guy who had over a .600 winning percentage, and before he came the Packers only had a .400 winning percentage?  How do replace this kind of guy with this caliber?  The sad truth is, you can't.

I enjoyed every moment I watched Favre in.  I wished I would have seen him in his early years when he won the MVP's, but seeing him play was a beauty to see.  It was art that can not be re-created.  He played the game a different way.  He played it with grit and passion, not for the money.  He played for the fans, not for the endorsement contracts.  Not a lot of sports stars come by like this.  Favre was one of the best at what he did and he not only did it for himself, he did it for us.

Now what next for the Packers?  The backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers should be anxious to start next season after waiting three years on the bench.  Having Favre as a mentor should help him significantly.  But now there will be a different feeling when I watch Packers games.  I will not see the same greatness on the field.  I'll give Aaron some time, but it will hard to duplicate what "Iron Man" has done.  It is a sad day for football, even if you are a Bears fan.   We are going to miss all of those great plays.  We are going to miss those touchdowns.  Football will not be the same without Favre.  He was the face of football for a long time.

When I watch Favre play, I see something different than I do when I watch other quarterbacks.  It is exciting to watch him play even if his team is getting crushed in a game or the Packers are having a losing season.  I don''t know, but every-time I watched a football game, I was anxious to see Favre play.  It is the way he plays the game that makes it exciting.  He made it electric.  I do not really get that feeling when I watch other quarterbacks for some reason.  I do not get excited to watch great quarterbacks like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.  They just don't do anything that will surprise me or make me blink twice to see if that really happen.  I just see other quarterbacks staying in the pocket.  Favre is all over the place.  This is what separated from other quarterbacks.  This is what made him such an icon he is.  Millions loved to watch him.  Millions are going to hate to say goodbye.

Farewell Favre, thanks for the memories.



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