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I am a 47 year old Chicago transplant living in Southern Arizona, and no you never fully get used to the heat although I never thought I would ever hear myself say that a temp in the low 90's was nice.

I am a sports junkie much to my wife's chagrin at times. Her kind of slider is a burger at White Castle ( we don't have any around here, though) and a changeup is what she tells me to do before our dates.

As to me and sports, I have been a fan of the Chicago Cubs since 1967 and became a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks when Mark Grace went there. I have seen many many games at baseball's shrine at the corner of Clark and Addison. In the words immortalized on Elwood Blues license. "1060 West Addison. " We may reside in our various houses thruout this land but to a Cubs fan only one place can be called home - Wrigley Field

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The Big Unit outduels Rich Harden in pitching gem. posted on 07/22/2008

Every once in a while a ballgame will come along that even if you lose it, you feel lucky to have been able to see and experience it.   For me, as a pitcher those particular games are ones where the pitching is great.  

You had a Hall of Fame pitcher versus one of the premier pitchers in the big leagues in Randy Johnson and Rich Harden going toe to toe and neither would blink. 

The Cubs hit a lot of at him balls especially to centerfielder Chris Young.  This is basic art of pitching 101.  Use the largest part of your ballpark as your friend.     

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Go to Hell Ted Thompson posted on 07/11/2008

An open letter to the moron that runs the Green Bay Packers and cant figure out the simplest equation. 

Are you a better team going forward for the next year or two with Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers.  Considering you are stupid enough to drink the Mister Rodgers neighborhood Kool-Aid that you could somehow think that you could do better than a QB that threw for over 4000 yds  and got his 9th PROBOWL nomination with A-Rod and no not the A-Rod that is the 3B for the Yankees.  

I have nothing against Aaron Rodgers whatsoever,   Do I think Favre made a mistake in how he handled this - absolutely.   But Brett gives you the best chance to win the SB this year.   Personally I think you groom Brohm and let Favre play out the contract if he wants.  Trade Rodgers and KGB for Jason Taylor. 

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Lou ejected by minor league umpires in bush league incident posted on 06/30/2008

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella on national TV on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball was ejected for arguing a check swing call.  Technically you cannot argue balls and strike calls but technically this is NOT A BALL AND STRIKE CALL - it is a CHECK SWING call.    Did he swing or not-  the ball itself was clearly outside the strike zone.  Lou approached the first base umpire who warned him and then Lou turned around to head back to the dugout.  He had already been ejected by the home plate umpire who then flashed the second ejection sign in Lou's face.  Clearly on the replay the umpire at first base blew the call.   Clearly also Lou was heading back to the dugout and the first base umpire had exercised control of the situation and there was no need to proceed further.   Unbeknownst to Lou, home plate minor league fill in Rob Drake decided this was his day to make a name for himself on national TV and become part of the show.   He had his mask off and ready for a confrontation with Lou as he first threw him out behind his back and then again in front of him.  

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Jim Edmonds Update - I told you so posted on 06/26/2008

Back when I posted Why the Jim Edmonds signing DOES make sense Jimmy was in the midst of a horrendous slump to start the season. 

He was 16 of 90 at San Diego and a measley 2 for 15 at the time in a Cubs uniform.  I felt though that he would heat up and contribute and he has done that and more.  He has gone 23 for 67 or a .343 clip with 6 homers as a Cub since I made those comments

Kudos to Jim Hendry, Lou, and Gerald Perry who told Edmonds to revert to his swing from a few years ago when he spread out at the plate and this allows the ball to travel further in on you and you just poke it to the outfield - its kind of like the sweet spot golf swing where you hit it at 3/4 speed and nice extension and follow thru.  

Edmonds is supplying a nice left handed bat and he is fitting right in on the Cubs patience train of drawing base on balls.   As a pitcher , nothing makes me madder than to walk a guy. You have to pitch to contact and let your fielders play defense.  

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The Great Bob Gibson posted on 06/23/2008

 The video is of game 1 of the 1968 World Series vs the Detroit Tigers -  the announcers are Curt Gowdy on TV and on KMOX radio the one and the only Harry Caray.   Gibson would strike out 17 in his shutout of the Tigers. 

As a kid growing up and being part of the great rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals, I am reminded of those great pitchers duels between MY beloved Ferguson Jenkins of the Cubs and the hated but well respected Robert Gibson of the Cardinals.   Statistically to me there has never been a season for a pitcher as was 1968.  This was the year that Denny McLain won 31 games.   Carl Yaztremski won the batting title with a .301 average and Bob Gibson put on a show for the ages.  

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